Vietnam Photo Gallery Year 1968


81's gun pit 1968

Bobby Littlefield, Rock Quarry at Khe Sahn Mar 1968, 1/9 CP in Background (KIA Apr 16, 1968)

Cam Lo bridge Napalm drop

Cam Lo bridge looking West from the North side of the bridge courtesy of Steve Laktash

Cam Lo bridge looking South at tanks, 81's were right behind tanks courtesy of Steve Laktash

Beckham and Dickson 81 FO team for Alpha Company Sep-Oct 1968

Beckham(FO), Larson (RTO) 81's and Tunstill (RTO) Arty Fo team

Larson 81 Fo team RTO, ready for another operation

Fo-1 team of Beckham, LArson And Sweeney in May 1968, Sweeney was later killed on July 18, 1968 up in the DMZ

Beckham (FO), LArson (RTO) 81 team and Tunstill (RTO) Arty Fo team

Disposing of some liquor LZ Stud Sep 68

part of 81 crew Oct 68 LZ Stud

Our favorite meal of the 12! Ha Ha

Map of Helicopter Valley

A group of MArines in the Jungle, Larson in the foreground

Taken at LZ Stud in Sep 68, getting ready to fly out on another Operation

Down time at Stud with the 81 gun crews

Torrez and O'neal stock ammo for the 81's

Marine Corps photo labeled 1/9 Operation Sctoland II

A couple of the 81 gun crew diposing of liquor.