Vietnam Photo Gallery Year 1966

Joe Heater Collection Delta 3rd Platoon 1966-1967

Left to Right: Ramey, Wolak, Marta, Wilson and Peck. Two in background unknown

Rick Pryfrom, Castillio, Brown, LCpl Freeman, Ramey


L-R: Doc Dunlap, SSgt Cunningham (Platoon Sgt - sitting in background), Zapola(sp?), from hvy weapons, 3.5 rocket guy, Cpl harris

Wilson, Wolak, Birdwell, Cunningham, Sgt BB King. Had settled in a village at the end of the day, VC hit us 10 min after photo taken

Joe Heater leaving on a patrol in the vicinity of Hill 55 Sept 1966

Bridge at the base of Hill 55 (Hill 55 is out of picture to the left)


Subic Bay Em Vlub December 14, 1966 L-R: John Robledo, Mike Gregorio (sp?), Dave Muir, Mike Marta, Ken "Doc" Dunlap, Joe Heater, Alex Quintinia


L-R: Cooney, Hooks, Freeman, Brown, Peck, Kneeling in front is Mario Rodriquez, to his right with hand on hip is Louis Rodriguez. They wnet by L-Rod and M-Rod.

Tom Keys, Delta Company Radioman

Ron Wood, Tom Keys and Joe Heater on okinawa at Comm School fall of 1966. Ron was with K-3/9

Capt William Keys leading D Company in review in ceremony at Camp Schwab honoring 1/9 KIA.


Lt. Peter Meade 3rd Platoon test firing his Thompson Submachinegun