Northern I Corps


The maps list below and shown on the table below are of the Northern I Corps.  The LZ's and Bases page lists more specific locations than shown here.  Each map is broken down into four sectors; NW-4, SW-3, NE-1 and SE-2.  Once you open a map, read the horizontal coordinates first and the vertical coordinates second.  The coordinates will listed as two Letters and six (6) digits for example - XD850418.  The first and second digits are horizontal grid numbers and the fourth and fifth digits are the horizontal grid numbers.  The third and sixth digits pinpoint the location within the grid.

Maps from left to right top to bottom

6342-4 Nguon Rao - area North of Khe Sanh

6342-1 Cam Lo - Camp Carrol (YD063547), Con Thien (YD115703), Mutters Ridge, The RockPile (XD978558)

6442-4 Quang Tri - Quang Tri (North), Cam Lo Bridge (YD148604), Dai Do (YD255628), Dong Ha, Gio Linh (A2 -YD218732)

6442-1 Thon Ngo Xa Dong - area Northeast of Khe Sanh

6342-3 Huong Hoa - Khe Sanh Combat Base (XD848418), Hill 861 (XD803443), Hill 471 (XD846392) and surrounding hills

6342-2 Thon Doc Kinh - LZ Stud (XD998487), Ca Lu (YD012455)

012455)6442-3 Ba Long - Quang Tri (South)

6442-2 Hai Long

6341-1 Sa Moi -

6441-4 A Luoi Hamburger Hill, Dong Ap Bia

6441-1 Lai Bang - Northern A Shau Valley, Operation Dewey Canyon 1969