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Like most units in our beloved Marine Corps, the 1st Battalion 9th Marines have a long and proud history of serving these United States.

Since its activation in 1942, the Battalion has seen combat in some of the most recognized operations in American and Marine Corps history. From Bougainville, Iwo Jima and the Northern Solomon’s during World War II to Con Thien, Khe Sanh and "The Street without Joy" in Vietnam. The Marines and Corpsmen assigned to this Battalion have upheld the highest traditions of the United Marine Corps and the United States Navy. In more recent times, our Battalion has been sent to fight in Desert Storm and to keep the peace in Somalia. The Marine Corps saw fit to retire our colors again in September of 1994.

The 1st Battalion 9th Marines Network, Inc. is a veterans organization that consists of Marines and Corpsmen who had the honor of serving their country proudly and gallantly with the 1st Battalion 9th Marines.

Roger W. Liggon, Sr., founded the organization in 1988 after a Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Rally in Cleveland Ohio with thirteen Vietnam veterans. The Network was originally formed for Marines and Corpsmen who served in the republic of South Vietnam where the Battalion earned the name, "THE WALKING DEAD", to reunite the men who served and heal the wounds of battles past. By the fourth national reunion, we had grown to a mailing list of over eight hundred members, which include the Family of Marines, and Corpsmen killed in action.

During the 1996 National Reunion the attendees voted to open The Network to ALL Marines and Corpsmen who had the honor to serve under the colors of the 1st Battalion 9th Marines.

Our goal and purpose remain the same. That is to reunite the Marines and Corpsmen who served under our colors and to make sure that the deeds of the battalion and the men who gave their all are not forgotten.

We have had six successful reunions the last one, "OPERATION BROTHERHOOD" was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey as a tribute to our founder and outgoing President.

If you chose to apply for membership return the application attached to this brochure. When your membership is approved, your name will be added to our database. You will then be sent a membership package that includes a copy of our Membership Directory, the latest copy of our newsletter and a copy of our by-laws. Adding your name to our mailing list will ensure that you are notified of future events and new members.

We have seen this organization grow to over one thousand members since 1988 and expect to see our numbers double in coming years. We need your membership and your support. Annual donations are requested to offset the cost of postage, the printing of the membership directory and newsletters and administrative expenses. We appreciate all donations. We have no salaried or paid positions.





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1st: "OPERATION HEALING I" Washington, DC May 10-13, 1990

2nd: "OPERATION PROUD WARRIOR" Washington, DC May 27-31, 1992

3rd: "OPERATION COMING HOME" San Diego, CA November 8-13, 1994

4th: "OPERATION PURPLE HEART" Washington, DC July 3-7, 1996

5th: "OPERATION CONTINUED PRIDE" New Orleans, LA July 22-26, 1998

6th: "OPERATION BROTHERHOOD" Atlantic City, NJ July 12-16, 2000

7th: ”OPERATION STAND DOWN” Las Vegas, NV July 15-19, 2002

8thHONORING OUR OFFICERS” Quantico, VA July12-15 2004

9th "Name to be Determined" Branson, MO September 20-24 2006









1st Battalion 9th Marines Network, Inc.

(Membership Application)

If you would like to apply for membership in the 1/9 Network, please return this form to:

1st Battalion 9th Marines Network, Inc.

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Attn: Tom Stubbs

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Scottsdale AZ 85254

[Please supply documentation of service with 1st Battalion 9th Marines unless verified by an active member of the organization. In the absence of documentation list the names of members of your fire team, squad or platoon.]

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